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Automation and Technology

CV Parser

Entering candidate data manually... never again!. Parser is a technology that analyzes for you all the data contained in the candidate's CV regardless of its format. It recognizes duplicates and extracts everything: contact, skills, experience, or language skills and immediately puts them on the personal card in the system. The database created in this way can be easily searched with keywords and phrases related to projects.

Recruitment technology at your service. Enjoy!

CV Assistant

You can describe the candidate you have acquired by yourself, or... our system will do it for you! Recruitify uses artificial intelligence to offer you the best specialists with the "AI Scoring" mechanism. The CV Assistant equipped with our technologies will show you best candidates who meet the requirements for a particular position and project.

Hello! This is Recruitify! What can I do for you today?

Talent Pools

Talent Pools are dynamic folders that contain candidates with specific competencies based on given search criteria. Whenever you want, you can add talent to your folder or... create a rule and if another or new candidate meets the given conditions, he or she will be automatically added to your Talent Pool.

Great candidates organized perfectly. And… work is much simpler!

Recruitment Automation

Step back and let the work do itself. Thanks to the use of automation, the Recruitify system can take over a lot of tasks from you. Finally, the full potential of technology to complete recruitment tasks for you. Recruitment Automation module is a real game changer. From now on you can save time and energy by building automated workflows – Recruitify will take care of everything.

Recruit with automation !
Zrobi się samo. Dzięki zastosowaniu automatyzacji rekrutacyjnej, wiele czynności wykona za Ciebie system Recruitify. Tworzenie profili, rekomendacje pod projekty to tylko początek. Nareszcie technologia w służbie rekrutacji. Brzmi interesująco? Napisz i rozpocznij swoją pracę z Recruitify.

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