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CRM and Sales


Recruitify CRM is an ideal tool for companies with a strong sales attitude. Creating an internal database of companies and contacts has never been easier - just like defining products and services offered by organizations. Arrangement of this data makes it possible to have better relations with customers in the future.

Knowledge is the key to your customers' hearts. Ready for success?


The contact databases are crucial for sales.Their effective building is vital for every organization. Within the Recruitify CRM system you can create profiles of companies and customers in a similar way as with candidates. You can enter data by yourself or using our automated tools. With the help of our system you can also create so-called "relationship trees". - That is, who works and where and what does he do.

We’ll take care of your business contacts. Just trust us!


There is a decision-maker in every company. Recruitify system calls such a person Contact. You can manually add them or use our CV file parsing. Next, there is an option to create a sales opportunity with Contact - related activities will be saved in cards: Contact and also the Company.

Sales at the highest level. In every aspect.

Sales opportunities

Our CRM offers you so-called "sales opportunity", which is essentially a project connecting the company with the service offered. In Recruitify you can create a simple catalogue of services and products, and then open and close sales opportunities with reference to their value and other parameters. Check out another great Recruitify tool - the kanban table, which shows the important sales steps in a simple way - it is simply a place, where status of particular project is defined by placing it in the appropriate column.

Sales management on an unprecedented level. Recruitify is at your service!
Recruitfy CRM will help in managing contacts as well as client relations. Sales module is dedicated to recruitment agencies, but it can also be used for various sales activities. Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us and start with Recruitify.

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