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Team Productivity

How does the team conduct sales or recruitment activities? Using Recruitify reports you’ll check if your specialists take advantage of all possible opportunities in projects.

Even when everything is good, it can be better. Make it the best with Recruitify!

Sources of candidates

Which source of candidates is the most effective? Where can I find more of them? The Recruitify report tool will answer these questions for you and make your recrutation processes even more effective.

Prepare to search for candidates. We’lll show you where to find them.

Sales funnel

What does the sales process look like from the customer's attention to making a decision? What steps lead to this? Recruitify will show you how appears to be and show you the possibilities of creating a relationship with your client more effectively.

Always be “up to date”. With Recruitify you won’t miss anything.

Activity in projects

What tasks were executed in recruitment and sales projects? Who is responsible for them and with what is the result? Recruitify will make sure that nothing that is important will remain unnoticed.

Everything works great? Wonderful! Check out why!
Detailed reports available in Recruitify give insight into each activity executed in the system by an individual user or the whole team. Our reports cover recruitment and sales activities. Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us and start with Recruitify.

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