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Tasks and communication channels


We are sure you know Facebook Messenger. So, you’ll surely feel like home in our tool. Thanks to it, teamwork will be efficient and the communication on the status of candidates and projects in messages between team members within a team will be faster. In the Recruitify communicator it’s possible to set user "roles" that define their permissions (Observer and Hiring Manager). It can't be easier, isn’t it?

Here is your new favorite communicator. We made it for you.

Task planner

The success of your project depends on your efficiency. With Recruitify you will organize your tasks in a simple and clear way for everyone.Bbuilt-in planner that allows you to create and monitor "to do" lists. No task will ever be missed again!

What do you want to do? When? Tell us! We’ll remind you about it.

Roles & Observer

There are few roles in Recruitify system. One of them is Observer, which is usually someone from another department, who has limited insight into the project but has the ability to give his opinion on the process. Simple, transparent, safe.

Setup roles and users for your organization. And... there's nothing to worry about!
Teamwork, collaboration and proper communication are essential. Recruitify offers tools for you to work with your team to improve your sourcing and placement effectiveness. Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us and start with Recruitify. Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us and start with Recruitify.

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