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HR Team
Per month per user
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  • Unlimited candidate database
  • Unlimited recruitment offers
  • Unlimited trainings with us
  • Mailbox integreation
  • Unlimited support
  • Message ovveride
  • Automation module
  • Virtual Assisent
  • *Data migration
  • **Career site
  • Interal chat
  • GDPR Module
  • CV Parser
  • X-Ray
Freelancer | Agency
Per month per user
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  • Includes HR Pack
  • Unlimited contact database
  • Unlimited client database
  • Unlimited sales database
  • Advancted reporting
  • Dedicated manager
  • Sales reporting
  • Sales module
  • Full CRM
Per month for 1 user
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  • Includes Agency Pack
  • Additional development
  • Unusual integrations
  • Dedicated reports
  • API integrations
  • Expanded cloud
  • Additionals
All prices are quoted net
Annual payment (-20%)
*Database migration determined individually when ordering
**Career Site Branding determined individually when ordering
Tailor your Racruitify package to your needs. The modular architecture of our system allows extra flexibility and customization. Get in touch.


Database HR Team Freelancer | Agency
Candidate database Unlimited Unlimited
Contact database Option/No Unlimited
Sales database Option/No Unlimited
Recruitment database Unlimited Unlimited
Company database Option/No Unlimited
Notes database Unlimited Unlimited
Data migration
Cloud storage
Job slots Unlimited Unlimited
CV Parsing
Career site
Custom recruitment process
Recruitment team
Virtual Assistant
Personalized email messages
Automation (triggers,actions)
Spontaneous applications
Dedicated forms
Candidate evaluation
Dedicated activities
GDPR consent mechanism
Full activity history
Dedicated labels
Tagging mechanism
Candidate's longer inactivity in the project alert
Social Media Plugin
Suggesting candidates from the database
Dedicated sales process Option/No
Sales opportunity management Option/No
Companies Option/No
Contacts Option/No
Sales reports Option/No
Sales types Option/No
Sales sources Option/No
Sales funnel and productivity Option/No
History of contacts with the client Option/No
Sales activities Option/No
Sales teams Option/No
Dedicated branding of the career portal
We are not limited by the career site generator
Application forms
Email and SMS templates
GDPR consent
Users and teams
Project labels (own and team)
Candidate labels (own and team)
Company labels (own and team)
Contact labels (own and team)
User permission groups
Role management
Offer previews to links
Integration with Google Tag Manager
Integrations with Pixel Ads
Integration with TikTok Ads Manager
Dedicated career portal scripts
Types and sources of sales opportunities
Candidate sources
Advanced search engine for candidates and companies
Boolean search
Search by CV content
Search by consents expressed or not
Search by skills and keywords
Search by tags and locations
Searching by activities with the ability to negate them over time
Search by projects and stages
Searching in talent lists
Search by phone, email, linkedin, relocation readiness, etc. etc.
Search by language skills
Possibility to combine all the above criteria
Saving searches
Tasks module
Recommendation links with sources
Calendar and events
Inviting to Teams meetings
Full analysis of candidate sources
Internal communicator
Merging candidates
Merging contacts Option/No
Merging companies Option/No
Sharing candidates in messenger, etc.
Notification center
Advanced Automation
Candidate mailing
Client mailing
X-Ray Direct Search
SMS messages with ovveride
Talent lists and automations
Preview of user activity
Form templates
Email templates
SMS templaes
GDPR consent templates
MFA authentication (SMS, E-Mail, Google, Microsoft)
Automation (action/reaction)
Automation of assignment to talent lists
Automation of application notifications
Candidate stage change notifications
Automatic labeling
Possibility to automate the action of adding any activity
Configurable content of consents
Consent expiration time
Types of consents (recruitment, marketing, etc.)
Forms for updating consents
GDPR module and management of expiring consents
Candidate anonymization
History of consents on the candidate's profile
Reports and analytics
Active projects
Activity histories
Team productivity
Rejection reports
Conversion funnel
Summary of the project
Candidates flow and sources
Report of candidates in processes
Client Summary Option/No
Sales funnel Option/No
Sales productivity Option/No
Recruitment summary
Do you have an idea for your own report? Let's talk
Career Site
Dedicated. Nothing limits us
Recommendation links with sources
GDPR form and consents
Spontaneous applications
Possibility of customization on request
Recruitify Support
Account Manager
Direct chat and phone
Onboarding in the system
Dedicated training on demand
We do not limit the number of training sessions
Dedicated video with solution to the problem
Data migration of any data
Sky is the limit :)
Let's talk :)

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