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Candidates and Search

Boolean Search

Search by skills, keywords, Boolean commands and activity in recruitment projects. It is also possible to search the database of candidates with information from CVs and their profiles data. Recruitify will show you this data clear and simple. This is how every recruiter should work!

Did you just blink? This is how quickly you can find the perfect candidate.


Keep your data under control. Recruitify allows you to set labels that will help you in the future and support your search. You can tag candidates, projects and companies. You don't have to worry about losing your information anymore - Recruitify will take care of essential things.

Candidate database is your most valuable asset. Optimize it with Recruitify

Filter questions

Are you sure it's a good candidate? Enter your filter questions using the Recruitify forms and apply them to job posts or simply send an email to the candidate at any stage of the recruitment process. All obtained information will be automatically added to the applicant’s profile.

Have you found the right candidate? Make sure and ask through Recrutiify

History of Communication

Everything about your candidates leaves a trace in the Recruitify system. Thanks to the integration with e-mail services and calendars, the communication history with the applicant is automatically saved in the database and you can easily search it for keywords and projects.

Recruitify will organize the communication with the candidates for you. You won’t lose anything anymore.
Create and manage candidate profiles. Trace the entire history of your interaction and communication with a given candidate. Our advanced search engine makes finding the perfect candidate (or client!) even easier. Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us and start with Recruitify.

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