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For Who ?

Whether you operate in a large or small HR department - Recruitify will always support you in your activities. The modular architecture of our tool makes it suitable for both freelancers and large recruitment agencies. Everyone can take advantage of the additional features of Recruitify as well as supporting technologies.


Are you a recruiting "freelancer"? It's great - when creating Recruitify we made sure that specialists like you quickly settle into our tool. With Recruitify you won't be surprised by any project - moreover, you will save a lot of time, which you can use as you wish.

HR Department

Benefit from the chance to optimize your recruitment processes with Recruitify! Our solution will allow you to organize and allocate tasks in a transparent way, streamline processes and clearly communicate the status of individual projects. Find the perfect match faster!

Recruitment Company

Need more powerful gear? Recruitify's modular architecture puts the most advanced features within your reach. Thanks to our system, in your recruitment company you will improve all processes related to the selection of suitable candidates. Efficiency, speed and confidence. Your partners will appreciate it.


Need even more? We have something designed for your needs! Recruitify also responds to the needs of companies which, due to their market position and size, require extensive but still simple and transparent solutions. Our tool scales perfectly and thus perfectly fits to the smallest and largest customers.

Why Recruitify?

Efficient organization of your work


CV Parser and AI-assisted algorithms help in matching candidates to projects.

Extensive Reports

Analysis of the activity and e!ectiveness of the entire company broken down into teams and each person working in the system.

Effcient organization

We took care of making all the important functionalities available for you in a simple and friendly manner.

Calendar and "ToDo"

Everything’s under control. A user-friendly calendar, combined with a list of tasks, that allows you to plan your work and stick to deadlines.

Sales and CRM

An extensive CRM module for managing contacts, customer relations, and sales.

No limits

An unlimited number of projects, job ads and candidates. There are simply no limits to the development of your organization.

Projects and recruitment

Create and run recruitment processes like a ninja! Add to them useful information that will allow you to lead the recruitment process even more effectively. Enrich the database with candidate data imported from social networking sites. Make the best choice. Be sure. Achieve success.

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ATS and Career Portal

ATS monitors the process for collecting, storing and analyzing data obtained from candidates who apply for positions within open recruitment projects. Moreover, it is also responsible for providing the user with feedback on the effectiveness of candidate sources: (e.g. Internet portals). Recruitify gives you everything you need to conduct recruitment processes effectively.

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Candidates and Search

Searching for a candidate or client in the database takes a lot of time? This won't happen with Recruitify! From now on, you’ll get the perfect match of valuable professionals as fast as a blink of an eye. The search results will always match the criteria set out in the recruitment project and adding a candidate to the process is not only simple, but also fun.

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Tasks and communication channels

Organized work is effective work - communication in the team is excellent and the workflow is excellent. With Recruitify you can enter these values into your recruitment processes. Trust our built-in communicator and other available tools that will make your work easier and faster.

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Automation and Technology

Step back and let the work do itself. Thanks to the use of automation, the Recruitify system can take over a lot of tasks from you. Finally, you can use the full potential of technology to complete recruitment tasks for you.

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CRM and Sales

The complex CRM module Recruitify allows you to manage contacts within the organization and customer relations. Additional sales module is a tool dedicated to recruitment agencies, but it can also be used in any sales activity.

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In detailed reports available in Recruitify you can easily evaluate the work of users by individual employee or team. All the data is available for export at any time - reports include recruitment and sales activities.

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What they say?

  • Dariusz Nowara

    CEO at Shimi.pl

    Effective recruitment tool both for agencies and HR departments. Intiutive, user friendly, having implemented time saving assistant.

  • Anna Niziołek

    CEO at iView Recruitment

    We really love Recruitify ! Finally entire team is integrated together internally sharing tasks, candidates and processes in a super easy way.

  • Paweł Pełtak

    CEO at Click IT Group

    We tested various ATSs and Recruitify turned out to be a bull's eye. Very easy to use, clear, friendly with advanced solutions. Virtual recruiter make recruitify a very helpful tool in everyday work.

  • Anna Maria Pociask

    Head of Business Development at Linkgroup

    Built-in virtual recruiter saved us a lot of time, thanks to it the whole arduous process of looking for a right candidate is realized in a blink of an eye.

  • Róża Janowicz

    Business Development at Ahead Professionals

    Advanced recruitment platform, which combines useful and effective tools supporting recruiter's work. From daily communications, through recruitment process automation, to the advanced performance reports

  • Maciej Ratyński

    Member of the Board at Abplanalp

    Partnering with Recruitify was the right move to make and is highly recommended. Real recruitment automation boosted our effectiveness within the candidate sourcing.

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