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Next-generation Recruiting platform helping you complete complex recruiting processes.

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You can publish job offers on job sites, and our background processes will collect CV applications from social media or mailboxes. Our intelligent virtual recruiter will suggest to you candidates ready to process while you drink your coffee, simple right ? - finally everything is in order

Team collaboration

Built-in messenger, mailbox, calendar, tasks, sharing objects between poeple and teams. Collaboration , supervising tasks, assigning roles.

Running a project has never been so pleasant


Maintain long-term relationships with your candidates and clients whilst providing a positive experience throughout the recruitment process lifecycle. Browse, analyze and create candidate pages.

Notify people about meetings or progress of the process that they are involved in by multiple, available communcation and notification channels.


Take back control

Transparent reporting allows you to examine the effectiveness of your team's work. Plan new strategies by analyzing current activites. Recruitify provides you with valuable information on your teams work whilst checking each recruiter's activity and involvement in the processes of your company

Virtual recruiter

Too many hours wasted seeking candidates ?

Recruitify it's also a built-in virtual assistant that learns your recruitment habits and takes all the time-consuming work such as candidate's search to find perfect matches away from you.

However, that's not the end

Custom made job board

Running recruitment company or managing HR department ?

It all does not matter because we give you dedicated job site for your offers. Now you are ready to create minimalistic or advanced recruitment forms tailored to your needs.


Plan starts with a 14 day free trial. No Credit Card required.

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After exceeding the limits, additional paid services: SMS and Parser.

What they say?

  • Paweł Rogalski

    Research Associate at Korn Ferry

    Effective recruitment tool both for agencies and HR departments. Intiutive, user friendly, having implemented time saving assistant.

  • Anna Niziołek

    CEO at iView Recruitment

    We really love Recruitify ! Finally entire team is integrated together internally sharing tasks, candidates and processes in a super easy way.

  • Anna Maria Pociask

    Senior Recruitment Consultant at Linkgroup

    Built-in virtual recruiter saved us a lot of time, thanks to it the whole arduous process of looking for a right candidate is realized in a blink of an eye.

  • Marta A. Stanejko

    Head of Talent Acquisition at Dentsu

    Shockingly powerful platform that combines literally everything we need from simple team integration to advanced performance reports by automated recruitment processes.

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GDPR compliant